Why blog writing can be crucial for your online credibility

How writing blog improves online credibility

How to make online course sales and attract the right audience? In this post, I’ll review how writing a blog can help your online credibility which is equal to more followers and more sales.

While you might feel like people are not as eager to read blog posts as they used to, it’s not entirely true.

Yes, there are many other platforms we’re using besides blogs and many people prefer videos or other kinds of online media but this doesn’t mean that blogging is becoming less popular.

Therefore, let’s find out how writing a blog can help your online credibility and why you should get on it if you haven’t already.

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What is content marketing?

Blogging can be seen as the base of content marketing. In general, content marketing means creating informative and insightful content that attracts your dream customer.

Content marketing is all about providing value. HELPING your readers to solve their problems. Giving away the content and knowledge for free.

What you get in return is an audience that trusts you, wants to learn more and is ready to buy.

Any kind of a valuable, informative and somewhat unique content IS crucial to make more sales.

And the truth is that all info-packed free content will turn into sales if you’ll know how to use it.

How writing blog improves online credibility

Why blog writing can be crucial for your online credibility?

A blog will give an insight into your expertise

Writing a blog is one of the easiest ways to show your expertise in any specific field you’re working in. Eventually, showing your expertise and proving your actual knowledge becomes a great way to make more sales, get more clients and improve your stats.

By creating posts on specific and niche-related topics, you can easily build trust in your readers and show why YOU are the expert they should be reaching out to.

Don’t choose the easy route and are ready to tackle very in-depth and insightful posts on topics others don’t like to discuss. Do the complete opposite – go on a mission to seek the answers to the questions people REALLY are asking and can’t solve as easily.

It’ll help you to build an audience 

While not all blogs are close-up personal insights into your life, any blog is a great way to build an audience and gather people that are interested in what you’re up for.

And growing an audience is a crucial part of making sales online. It’s also one of the most important parts of how writing a blog can help your online credibility.

One of the best ways to grow your audience and keep informed is by growing an email list.

E-mail marketing sales funnel is considered to be not only one of the best ways to grow your audience but also a great way to make sales.

Also, things like social media profiles for your blog – Instagram, Facebook page, Youtube vlog or anything alike – is yet another chance to actually keep your audience in the loop and stay in touch with your readers.

Don’t underestimate your audience and do the best to keep them satisfied.

Blogging will lead to an additional inspiration

Blogging is a great source of inspiration.

The simple research of a blog post can not only result in an amazing post but also trigger your own ideas.

Asking questions to your audience and getting to know what they want to read about is the best way to create a long-lasting blog content strategy that actually works for you and your business, and gathers other like-minded people to your tribe.

Blogging also gives an option to join all kinds of blogger communities that could help you big time both in various blogging-related decisions as well as a daily dose of the inspiration.

It’s yet another great platform for promotion

The best part about having a blog for your business is how useful it is as a promo platform.

First of all, it’s easy to promote anything and in any possible way – because your blog is yours and yours only and you’re the decision maker.

In general, any blog IS a marketing and promo platform. Unless it’s a pure hobby-level blog, most blogs are being monetized one way or another. It’s your job to make the best out of it, research all of your options and make it work for YOU!


Is writing a blog worth your time?

YES. As long as you create a consistent content strategy that works with your business goals, blog IS a great time (and money) investment.

You do have to take it seriously to make it work but, as long as you enjoy writing, it’s a pretty amazing way to promote your own business.

Got any blogging related questions? Shoot them! Will be happy to chat.


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