Benefits of creating an online course

Benefits of creating an online course

Have you heard about this thing called online courses but don’t really understand the benefits of creating an online course yourself? I got it covered for you!

Online courses is one of the best ways to earn consistent passive income and provide your audience more valuable content. But there’s a lot more than that!

First of all, don’t force yourself to create an online course just because someone has said it’ll be a good idea. Don’t do it if you’re just following what others are up to and don’t really feel like it.

But do create your online course if you feel like it’s a good idea for your business.

What are the benefits of course creation

Benefits of creating an online course

Benefit #1 Source of passive income

First of all, it’s the obvious – money. People like learning online and there are more and more students who prefer learning from their peers instead of going to colleges, attending expensive courses or just going to live classes.

Online course creation would give you the obvious benefit of having a passive income source.

If you play your cards right, it’s possible to earn several thousand per month with an evergreen online course.

Even if your course will stay low-key without huge pricing and tons of value-packed lessons, it can still bring you additional monthly income, starting from tens to hundreds of dollars.

Benefit #2 A great way to monetize your blog

Providing tons of value for free is ah-mazing but for most of us we have this kind of a block when it comes to “too much info shared”.

After all, if your blog is not monetized by ads or any other blog monetization method, it can start to feel like you’re working for nothing.

So online course creation is actually a great way to monetize your blog and provide more value to your audience along with just cashing in the payments.

It’s also considered to be a better way to monetize your blog than ads.

To get paid for ads, you need at least 10K views. While your first online courses can be easily sold when your blog is reaching its first hundreds.

Benefit #3 Easily changeable and adjustable product

One of the best benefits of creating an online course as a source of passive income is the fact that you can update and adjust your online course as the time goes.

For example, if you want to add more lessons – go for it! If you want to separate your one big course into several smaller ones – go ahead.

Platforms like Teachable make any course adjustments very easy and possible anytime.

While other online products like e-books, workbooks, templates or video guides will be harder to update and let them back into the flow, online courses won’t have such challenges.

Benefit #4 Your audience will learn more about your expertise

If you’re doing your best to promote your offered services, for example, what you do as a freelancer or offer as an independent contractor, then online course can be a good assurance for your audience to trust your knowledge and expertise.

If they’ve enrolled in your course and see all the great tips and guidance you’ve provided, they have an additional proof of your experience so they’d be more likely to trust you, therefore, work with you.

Benefit #5 You can get more clients

The other side of the coin is the attraction of new clients through your course. Let’s say your blog readers have decided to sign up for this course and suddenly realize that your experience and expertise can be very beneficial to their lives.

Voila! You have new clients.

Benefit #6 It’s easy to sell a course

Paying $30 for a book is a long call.

Paying $30 for an online course, on the other hand, is a rather easy decision.

Therefore, it’s a lot easier to sell online courses than most of the other online products.

This also means you won’t have to spend as much time working with the marketing and you’ll have to reach a smaller audience in order to get the same amount of money.

Besides that, we’re living in a time when people actually adore online courses. I mean, they LOVE them. So make sure to give your audience what they need!

Benefit #7 The price can be more than worth your time

Talking about sales, remember that most online courses are priced way higher than any other online products. Therefore, the price of the product is not only worth your time but a lot more!

Of course, it’s up to you whether you price your course at $30 or $2500. It also depends on factors like your audience, the information in the course, amount of the lessons and your credibility.

But investing your time in course creation can be way more beneficial than working on any other online products.

Benefit #8

It’s an evergreen product.

Meaning, you can sell it this week, within a year or five years. Once you create an online course, it’s pretty sure your course and the information within it will still be topical no matter how long time will pass.

Of course (!) there are things like time-sensitive courses. For example, a course on “the best UX features and how to use them in 2018”.

But most of the content from the course can still be sold and updated even in the following years, without making yet another product.

Insight into my experience

My personal experience shows that creating an online course is one of the best things you can invest your time in.

First of all, it really pays off! And people do want to know the information you’re giving away.

Just because you might feel like “there are many other courses like this…” or “there are teachers smarter than me…”, does not mean people are not interested in YOUR approach, your product and your way of explaining things.

Teachable lets you use their platform FOR FREE (for unlimited time) with all of the must-have features to run your course. Make sure to give it a go!


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