Which of the online course creation platforms to use?

Which of the course creation platforms to use

Which of the online course creation platforms to use can be one of the most confusing questions to answer when you have just started thinking about your e-course in the first place. But it’s important to clarify this so let’s get started!

In general, there are many different online course creation platforms you can choose from.

Your decision should depend on several factors like:

  • How much control do you want to have over your content and students?
  • How specific are your design preferences regarding course’s look?
  • What would be the most effective way to learn online for your audience?
  • How big is your budget?!

In this article, I will review several online course creation platforms and give you an insight into choosing the best one for YOU. Because – a plot this – one size does not fit all!

Before we get to that, keep in mind that most of the course creation platforms offer very similar features:

  • The option to upload any of your content: video, audio, PDFs, basic text
  • Sales page OR add a third-party Sales page
  • Payment getaway
  • Information about your students


Which online course platform to use

Comparison of online course creation platforms

Teachable and Thinkific

Teachable and Thinkific are one of the most popular online course creation platforms in the market, especially, for bloggers and creatives.

Both of these platforms are effective and rather easy to use – you don’t need any specific tech knowledge to set up a course on Teachable or get started on Thinkific.

Read full Teachable vs Thinkific comparison on The Random Passion project (it’s my original website which I started my adventure of online income with!) 

I personally prefer Teachable and it’s also no.1 course platform I have used for various of my clients.

You can review several of my created online schools here:

The best feature of Teachable is the fact that you can easily create and sell a course with the basic – forever free – plan. This literally means no investment in the platform whatsoever. ALL – FREE. No hidden fees. No tricks.

Yes, there are next-level features you can get only if you’re paying, for example, custom domain, discount coupons, etc. But it’s not a must for most businesses and even serious course creators with a long-term experience can still successfully sell without these upgrades.

Thinkific has most of the same features – both of these platforms really are rather similar in the way they work.

For me, as a designer, Thinkific feels a bit limiting and their offered “easy to use” design system is not as effective and feels a bit incomplete while on Teachable literally any starter CAN create a well-looking Sales pages.


Udemy is yet another very popular online course creation platform but it has a rather different system of functioning than Teachable or Thinkific (or many other platforms).

In Udemy, you won’t have as much of the freedom as you might on Teachable or Thinkific.

First of all, Udemy requests video content. You can combine it with other types of content but it’s a must to have at least several videos to make your course go live.

Second, Udemy can be in charge of your pricing. Although you have the freedom to choose your own course price, the price range is limited and Udemy is also creating things like “all courses for $10 today!”

Udemy is suggested for those who don’t want to be as much hands-on in the process of course management and creation.

Since the website has the option to Search courses, your course can be found by those who want to learn more about your specific topic. This platform also uses to Feature courses their stuff picks of that students have rated as outstanding.

The reality of your course being found or featured – especially, if you’re in a very crowded niche – is rather upsetting.

And besides that, I’d say there are no specific benefits to choosing Udemy over any other platform.


This is one of the online course creation platforms that is in close competition with Teachable and Thinkific but somehow hasn’t reached its THE status.

The only reason why it could be a bit underrated is its price which is around $20 more than Teachable’s basic upgrade and you get only 14-days for free compared to Teachable’s forever-free plan…

Anyhow, it’s a fully functional and great platform to use for your e-course.

It also has several more integration and theme/look options compared to other platforms. Therefore, you can use the option to invest in ONE platform instead of several to make it all work as beautiful as you imagine.


This is one of the newest but also one of the most-compelling platforms out there.

NewKajabi gives you the option to HAVE-IT-ALL on one platform, instead of mixing and matching courses with marketing.

Yes, it’s also one of the most expensive platforms there is BUT:
– It combines course creation with email marketing, sales page design and more!
– You get unlimited hosting of all your digital content (no need for a website if you have New Kajabis)
– You can easily automate ALL your business with NewKajabis

So, really, it’s not only a course creation platform. It’s a platform to get paid for your online presence and do it successfully.

I do suggest getting on this if you have a clear plan on getting your online business going with online courses and you are rather new into this whole system – it will be a lot easier to set up all of your must-have steps to a successful business in one platform than combining and learning several of those.

Which of the online course creation platforms to use?

…If you want to experiment or have a simple (maybe even free) course use Teachable
…If you want to create several courses without much additional investment on the platform, choose Teachable
…If you’ll have a wide range of content to share (presentations, videos, audio and more), choose Thinkific
…If you’d like to create a business from zero, use NewKajabis
…If you don’t mind paying more for more options, use CourseCats
…If you want to let your course live without much of your own time investment on a daily basis, give Udemy a go


Do you have any more questions about which e-course platform would be the best fit? Let me know!

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