What is an online course and can you create one too?

What is an online course

These days online courses is one of the most popular ways to learn new skills. What is an online course exactly and can you create one too?

In the world of online entrepreneurship, online courses are BIG. They are created by well-known field professionals, people seeking escape from their boring day jobs, stay at home mums and tons of other different people with all kinds of background.

The baseline is – you don’t need to be rich, famous or with tons of the experience to come up with an online course yourself.

On the other side, there are students – people eager to learn new skills. Young and old, from cities or countrysides, from all over the world, with Masters and those who haven’t finished highschools yet. Anyone can get benefits from online education.

What is an online course?

An online course is a free or paid course you can take digitally, from wherever you are, as long as you have the internet. All you need is the laptop, tablet or even a phone, and you can start learning!

Usually, online courses are created by someone who has an experience in the provided field. The amount of the experience is not as important, as long as the person provides useful, relevant and educational information.

I created my own first online course when I was 20 years old, without the college education but with tons of experience in getting started as a freelancer and finding your way in the world of the online business. And that’s what I shared in my course!

The topics are unlimited and can adjust to literally ANY niche.

The most popular online course topics

Some of the most popular online course topics are something practical, useful and fun to learn. For example, there are tons of cooking or drawing classes online.

It can be all about an online business, marketing, social media. Guides on how to use various software – Photoshop, Word, Illustrator, PowerPoint, CorelDraw (or any other).

Online courses can be related to leading a household, gardening, frugality, minimalism, building, storing, creating…

As well as supporting people hobbies like singing, dancing, playing a guitar, sewing.

These are just a few of very popular topics online courses are created in!

At the same time, you really can learn and teach anything.

The most unusual online course topics

If you’re looking into some rather unusual niches, you still can both find and create the most creative and surprising courses!

Here’s just a bit of brainstorming to let you know the variety of online courses that can be created: how to use Taro cards, gather herbal teas, be your own hairdresser, potty train kids. Potty train dogs? Or maybe make jewelry from rocks… As said, just brainstorming! But everything is possible when it comes to online courses.

You can also create and find very specific course topics focused on a specific niche and clientele.

What is an online course and can you create one too?

How online courses are created

There is no magic of creating an online course. In all honesty, it’s just the matter of doing.

Anyone with the idea CAN make a course happen even if you have no education, no previous experience, no digital skills.

Here’s a simple guide you can follow if you’re planning to create an online course yourself.

STEP #1 Come up with the idea

Brainstorm and let your mind wander! The best course ideas are the ones that reflect your experience and are interesting for your potential audience.

STEP #2 Create the content

Content is the most important part of the course. So, first of all, concentrate all of your efforts on creating a good content. You can always update it later on, change, edit or adjust as necessary.

STEP #3 Put together design

Although this might be a part you outsource to a professional, you can just as well come up with your own design features. Think about colors, fonts and design elements you’d like to use but don’t overthink it. Remember, the content is the king! The rest can be upgraded once your course is live.

STEP #4 Create additional materials

(if necessary) For example, record a video, create Worksheets, PDFs, additional resource pages or anything else your course might need.

STEP #5 Choose a platform for your course

I personally use Teachable for my courses and find it very easy to use for starters. There are also other options, for example, Thinkific.

STEP #6 Create a Sales page

Teachable and similar platforms have the option to create a Sales page based on their provided features. An easy to use option even for those who have no idea about Sales pages!

A quick recap

What is an online course? – It’s an informal way to earn an online education that gives you the option to either learn from your peers or provide your own knowledge to others.

Can anyone create an online course? – YES! As long as you have the inspiration and the interest to make things happen, you CAN create an online course yourself.

Are course themes limited to a specific topic? – NO. You can create a course related to ANY topic you like.

Remember, getting started is the hardest part. You can learn the details along the way!

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